Faculty [A-Mc]

Peter Huybers

Peter Huybers

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and of Environmental Science and Engineering

Peter Huybers is a Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University whose research interests lie in developing a better understanding of the climate system and its implications for society.  On-going research involves interactions between volcanism and glaciation, trends and predictability of extreme temperatures, and implication of climate change for food production.

(617) 495-4811, f: (617) 384-7396
David  Johnston

David Johnston

Professor of the Natural Sciences and co-Director of Graduate Studies

Isotope geochemistry and historical geobiology. Re-animating ancient ecosystems and ocean chemistry using stable isotope systems, chemical speciation techniques, modern microbial experiments (for calibration) and theoretical considerations.

617-496-5024 f: 617-384-7396