Harvard Crimson Climate Workshop 2019


On April 30, the Harvard Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences will be hostingythe inaugural Harvard Crimson Climate (HCC) Workshop. The workshop will bring together students from across the Northeast for a one-day event to foster research collaborations on the frontiers of climate dynamics. In the morning and afternoon, there will be 12-minute presentations by selected students, bracketing a lunch talk by the keynote speaker, Dr. Tapio Schneider. The workshop will conclude with an afternoon poster session.  The workshop will take place in the Harvard Geological Museum building, located at 24 Oxford St., Cambridge MA.

Registration and Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract and fill out the registration form by March 15 if you wish to attend. There is no fee.

Student Talks

Talks will be 12 minutes in length with 3 minutes for questions.

Keynote Talk

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Tapio Schneider, of Caltech, whose research is focused on understanding how the turbulent dynamics of the atmosphere, from clouds to large-scale weather systems, shape earth’s climate.


The workshop will be held on Tuesday. The event will begin at 9am, with about five student speakers both before and after lunch. The talks will take place at the Center for the Environemnt (HUCE) Room 440 at 24 Oxford St., Cambridge.
Dr. Schneider will give his talk at noon in Haller Hall (Geological Museum 102, 24 Oxford St., Cambrdge)
The poster session will take place once the student talks have concluded, and will include some beverages and pizza for the workshop participants.
Time   Location
9:00 am Breakfast HUCE 440
9:30 am Registration HUCE 440
  Student Talks  
10:00 am Mukund Gupta, MIT HUCE 440 
10:15 am Kevin DallaSanta, NYU HUCE 440 
10:30 am Nicolas Lutsko, MIT HUCE 440 
10:45 am Madeleine Youngs, MIT HUCE 440 
11:00 am Zane Martin, Columbia HUCE 440 
11:15 am Christopher Kinsley, MIT HUCE 440 
11:30 Break  
12:0 0pm Keynote Lecture, Dr. Tapio Schneider, Caltech Haller Hall
1:00 pm Break  
1:30 pm Mengxi Wu,Brown HUCE 440 
1:45 pm Margaret Duffy, MIT HUCE 440 
2:00 pm Cameron Rencurrel, U Albany HUCE 440 
2:15 pm Janni Yuval, MIT HUCE 440 
2:30 pm Carlos Carrillo, Cornell HUCE 440 
2:45 pm Henri Drake, MIT HUCE 440 
3:00 pm Break  
3:30 pm Poster Session HUCE 440
5:00 pm Pizza Outside of HUCE 440

Other Events

Dr. Schneider will also be at the department on the surrounding days (April 29 – May 1) and will be giving other presentations. If you are located nearby and are interested in coming on those days as well, please let us know.

  • April 29 Monday at 2pm, HUCE 440: Dr. Tapio Schneider will give a research seminar. (Title and abstracts forthcoming)
  • May 1 Wednesday at 12:30pm, HUCE 440 (Lunch provided): there will be a roundtable discussion titled “Future of Climate Modeling” with confirmed discussants:
    Dr. Tapio Schneider (Caltech, keynote speaker)
    Dr. Dan Schrag and Dr. Peter Huybers (Harvard)
    Dr. Raffaele Ferrari and Dr. Paul O’Gorman (MIT)

HCC round table


  • May 6 Monday at noon, GeoMuseum 418  (Lunch provided): inspired by the workshop, there will be a map discussion of subtropical low clouds and their climatology led by graduate students David Wei and Ted Amdur


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Faculty Advisors:

Prof. Peter Huybers
Prof. Eli Tziperman