DIB Subgroups & Action Items

Although the idea was born during one of the DIB office hour sessions, following the Shut Down STEM and Anti-Racism community town hall events that were held during the summer of 2020, the DIB Council initiated several 'action' groups to work on recommended action items. The subgroups were initially created using the categories as summarized in Ann Pearson's notes from the Shut Down STEM event. A call was sent out for community members to join any group of their interest, and Slack channels were set up to facilitate communication among interested members. These groups have been hard at work since then, and updates on their work have been communicated to the community in emails and DIB newsletters. Based on community support and progress within the groups, the action subgroups have evolved to the five groups listed below. If you are interested in joining any of these groups or would like an update on their progress, please go to the individual subgroup pages via the tabs on the left or clicking on the subgroup below. 

DIB action subgroups

List of DIB subgroups:

  1. Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention
  2. Graduate Recruitment and Retention
  3. Workshops, Resources, and Colloquia
  4. Imagery, Signage, and History of Racism
  5. Research Opportunities

Action Item Scorecard

In an effort to establish long-term accountability, we have implemented a system to efficiently address DIB-related goals within our community. The DIB Scorecard is a public-facing mechanism for tracking the department's progress on broad diversity-, inclusion-, and belonging-themed initiatives sourced from the community. It aims (1) to coordinate a department-wide effort toward establishing anti-racist practices in our community, (2) to help center our efforts around achievable actions items, and (3) to establish accountability for making progress towards our goals. 

The first page of the scorecard lists the high-level goals that DIB is working toward. Currently these high-level goals are aligned with the DIB subgroups, listed above. Each high-level goal is further broken down in a spreadsheet tab where the associated DIB subgroup has outlined their specific goals with a list of concrete action items necessary to complete each goal. Action items are specific enough to be clearly assigned scored values of 0 (not started), 50 (in-progress), or 100 (completed). Each specific goal is scored by the average of its action items and each high-level goal by the average of its specific goals. Timelines are included where they have been determined.

This scorecard was inspired by and adapted from the MIT Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences department’s version here. You can see the full EPS-ESE DIB subgroups spreadsheet here. Please note that subgroups have not yet finalized their specific goals, and we are in the process of developing a suitable system for assigning scores to each item.



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