Class of 2020

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EPS Senior Thesis Students 2020

2020 Senior Thesis Final Presentations:

At the end of each academic year seniors in the EPS department  present the work they completed for their senior thesis projects. Below are titles and recordings of the presentations from the last academic year. The full abstracts can be seen on the Final Presentations program.

1. Joshua Grossman - A Novel 3D Model-Based Petroleum Resource Estimate of the Qaidam Basin in Northwest China, and implications for the Future of China's Energy Economy 

(link to full thesis)

Advisors:  John Shaw, Harry C. Dudley Professor of Structural and Economic Geology and Harvard College Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, Harvard University, Michael McElroy, Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, Harvard University, and Ryuichi Abe, Reischauer Institute Professor of Japanese Religions, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University

Josh Grossman screen shot


2. Jacob Ott - Investigating the Chemistry of Archean Asteroid Impact Debris 

(link to full thesis)

Advisor:  Roger Fu, Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

Jacob Ott screen shot


3. Jamie Weisenberg - Using Protostellar Outflow Chemistry to Probe Extraterrestrial Ice Abundances 

(link to full thesis)

Advisor:  Karin Öberg, Professor of Astronomy and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Harvard University and Andrew Burkhardt, SMA Postdotoral Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Jamie Weisenberg screen shot


4. Joseph Winters - Elevated Carbon Dioxide (eCO2) Reduces Pollen Protein Concentration in Three Floral Species Important for Pollinators 

(link to full thesis)

Advisors:  Ann Pearson, Department Chair; Murray and Martha Ross Professor of Environmental Sciences and Harvard College Professor and James Crall, Postdoctoral Researcher, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Department, Harvard University

Joseph Winters screen shot