3/15 - 3/20 is a "B" occupancy week.

We are now in the 2nd phase of resuming on-campus research operations.  In order to return to campus during this initial phase you must be specifically designated to do so on an approved re-occupancy plan.  Please check with your faculty member or with Paul Kelley if you have any questions on this essential point. 

The University has published a web site that contains all of the information and links to the resources associated with returning to campus including the mandatory training offerd by Environmental Health and Safety and daily health attestations on  the Crimson Clear platform.  Please access the site at this link and check back often for updates.

Please note the University has created a "dashboard" to present the most up to date information on our resposne to the pandemic and provide data on the results of the most recent 7 days of testing.

The FAS has also established a pandemic managment team to assist in advising Dean Gay in the school's response to pandemic-realted concerns.  Information on this team and its membership is avaialble here.

The University is now transitioning to a new self-administered testing system.  The frequency with which you must be tested depends on several variables including whether you are a student, researcher, faculty, of staff member and the frequency with which you are approved to be on campus.  For information and links to sign up for testing and/or reserve a testing time slot please follow this link

The University Parking Office has announced new, significantly discounted parking options including $10 day passes and different monthly options starting at $35 per month.  For more information, please see

And please remember, ​Cambridge has issued a mandatory order that you must wear a mask in public (other than when you can maintain 5 feet of distacne at all times or are eating).  Once you arrive on campus you must ​then wear a University-issued mask at all times (except when working alone in a private office) while on campus.  Masks are available from your faculty member/lab manager or by contacting Paul Kelley.

For the FAS and SEAS FAQ on "rebooting" research operations please follow this link.

Read the latest on COVID-19 from Harvard University.  For division specific updates, please visit the SEAS & FAS Division of Science: Coronavirus FAQ page.

If your office/lab is located in the Geo Museum, please read this document on reoccupation in the Museum Complex.

Please take some time to familarize yourself with the signage around Hoffman Labs and the Geo Museum.

elevator signage
mask signage

room signage

stair signage

please wait here signage

door wipes signage

Bathroom signage