DIB Office Hours & Related Articles

In an effort to help build and maintain a diverse and inclusive community, the DIB committee launched office hours during the summer of 2020. Our hope for these office hours is to create a space where EPS/ESE community members can ask about DIB-related resources, and chat about DIB-related topics (both informally and by reviewing DIB-related literature that shed light on a range of issues associated with diversity, inclusion and belonging). Insights gathered from these meetings will help inform topics for our DIB meetings, and will be shared with the broader community. We are currently holding them monthly on Fridays 3:30-4:30, and usually send an annoucement to the community with the topic for discussion along with a Zoom link a couple days in advance. As always, we ask that you reach out to any DIB committee member if you would like to discuss any DIB-related questions, and we hope to see all of you at an office hour in the future.

Previous and upcoming office hour topics (including articles, videos, and summaries where applicable)