Affiliated Faculty

Faculty members who hold a primary appointment in another department and an affiliate appointment in EPS

Photo of Frank Keutsch

Frank Keutsch

Stonington Professor of Engineering and Atmospheric Science; Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Affiliated Faculty Member of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Area Chair for Environmental Science and Engineering
Research in the Keutsch group is aimed at improving our understanding of photochemical oxidation processes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that produce tropospheric ozone (O3) and are central to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. O3 and aerosol affect human health and climate, and uncertainties in the radiative effects of aerosol comprise the largest uncertainties in current estimates of anthropogenic forcing of climate. Our scientific approach builds on enabling new field observations of key VOC oxidation intermediates (OVOCs) via instrumentation and method development.

Laboratory Manager/Administrator: Lori Reck

CCB/Link Building 268
p: (617) 495-1878
A picture of Javier Ortega-Hernandez

Javier Ortega-Hernández

Assistant Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Affiliated Faculty Member of Earth and Planetary Sciences

The main goal of my research is to better understand the substantial extinct biodiversity of invertebrate metazoans that first appeared and rapidly...

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The Museum of Comparative Zoology Labs
26 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-2496
Picture of Dimitar Sasselov

Dimitar Sasselov

Phillips Professor of Astronomy
Director, Origins of Life Initiative
Affiliated Faculty Member of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests:  Professor Sasselov studies, among other things, extrasolar planets, and he's a co-investigator on NASA's Kepler...

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Perkin Lab, P-336
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street, MS-16
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-7451
Photo of Elsie Sunderland

Elsie Sunderland

Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Chemistry; Affiliated Faculty Member of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Elsie M. Sunderland is the Gordon McKay Professor Environmental Chemistry at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and in the Department of Environmental Health in the Harvard School of Public Health, and an affiliated faculty member of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.  She is a Faculty Associate in the Harvard University Center for the Environment and the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis. 

Research in the Sunderland Lab focuses on how biogeochemical processes affect the fate, transport and food web bioaccumulation of trace metals and organic chemicals. Her group develops and applies models at a variety of scales ranging from ecosystems and ocean basins (e.g., the Gulf of Maine, the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans) to global applications to characterize how changes in climate and emissions affect human and ecological health, and the potential impacts of regulatory activities. Her group also makes key measurements of chemical concentrations and reaction rates in environmental samples (natural waters, sediments, and aquatic biota) and humans (hair, blood) to parameterize and evaluate environmental models.

Ongoing research is elucidating the biogeochemical cycling of compounds with contrasting physical and chemical properties that can be used to obtain insights into the varying exposure pathways and environmental lifetimes for industrial chemicals. The innovation in this work is to quantitatively analyze the entire exposure pathway for these compounds to identify their properties in air and water (e.g., stability in the atmosphere, photodegradation in water, environmental partitioning behavior) that enhance chemical persistence and ultimate accumulation in biota.

Assistant: Brenda Mathieu

Pierce Hall 127
p: (617) 496-0858
Robin Wordsworth

Robin Wordsworth

Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering; Affiliated Faculty Member of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Theoretical and numerical modelling of planetary climate; paleoclimates of Earth and Mars, exoplanet atmospheric composition and habitability, radiative transfer, geophysical fluid dynamics

Geological Museum 451

Administrative Support:
Gladys Prins - Pierce 118 617-384-8069