Earth’s Interior and Surface

Undergraduate Student Employment - Programming Opportunity

The Fischer research group is seeking an undergraduate student for part time work writing software to control an optical system in the laboratory. The software will interface with several pieces of hardware (lasers, spectrometers, stages, and cameras) and control them in a user-friendly GUI. It would also need to perform basic fitting of spectra and display results in live time during use of the system. There is flexibility in the choice of programming environment/language to be used...

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Terry-Ann Suer

Terry-Ann Suer

Post-Doctoral Fellow

My research focuses on processes that occurred in the primitive Earth, during the period when core-mantle differentiation was ongoing. This is the era of the Earth’s history when major chemical reservoirs were established and the Earth acquired its bulk physical properties. I study the chemistry of different groups of elements through experiments carried out at high temperature and pressures using the laser-heated diamond anvil cell. This apparatus is capable of simulating the extreme conditions that existed in a deep terrestrial magma ocean. The results of these experiments are applicable to questions regarding terrestrial planet formation, bulk compositions and volatile accretion.


Chengxin Jiang

Post-Doctoral Associate
Denolle Group

My research focuses on advancing our understanding of Earth structure through seismic imaging using both ambient noise and earthquake data. With high-accuracy tomography models at both continental and local scales, my research is motivated by questions about tectonic processes at various tectonic settings, including sedimentary basins, fault zones, magmatic systems, and orogens. My other research interest includes using seismic interferometry to monitor subtle changes in basin aquifers and volcanos on societally relevant time scales. 

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