Earth’s Interior and Surface

2019 Sep 25

BiSEPPS Seminar

12:00pm to 1:00pm


GeoMus 204 (McKinstry Seminar Room)
Nicolle Zellner, Albion College
Terry-Ann Suer

Terry-Ann Suer

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Fischer Group

My research focuses on processes that occurred in the primitive Earth, during the period when core-mantle differentiation was ongoing. This is the era of the Earth’s history when major chemical reservoirs were established and the Earth acquired its bulk physical properties. I study the chemistry of different groups of elements through experiments carried out at high temperature and pressures using the laser-heated diamond anvil cell. This apparatus is capable of simulating the extreme conditions that existed in a deep terrestrial magma ocean. The results of these experiments are applicable to questions regarding terrestrial planet formation, bulk compositions and volatile accretion.