ClimaTea Journal Club


Friday, October 19, 2018, 12:00pm


HUCE Seminar Room MCZ 440

Assistant Professor Pedro Rau from Universidad de Ingeneria y Tecnologia (UTEC, Peru) And Assistant Professor Daniel V. Horna Muñoz from Universidad de Ingeneria y Tecnologia (UTEC, Peru)

Prof. Rau's talk information:

Title: "El Niño in the far-eastern Pacific: Impacts on Peruvian Hydroclimatology"

Abstract: Since the first documentation of El Niño phenomenon in 1892, the challenge of being able to understand the effect of this phenomenon on precipitation and streamflow at different space and time scales still remains. The understanding of this phenomenon in some regions of the planet where its effects are experienced frequently is crucial; being Peru one of those regions. In this talk we will try to answer common questions about the impact of El Niño on the distribution of precipitation and streamflow in the Peruvian coast based on a review of the state of the art in this topic with a special focus in the far-eastern Pacific.

Prof. Horna's talk information:

Title: "A numerical investigation on the evolution of shallow mixing layers"

Abstract:  Shallow mixing layers are a common feature of the flow field developed in many environmental flows, such as river confluences, where two streams with different velocities and/or orientations join together. To be able to predict and explain the main mechanism responsible for mixing at the interface, one needs to be able to describe the spatial development and eddy content of the interface region that controls the momentum and mass exchange between the two incoming streams. For most practical applications, most mixing layers can be classified as shallow. This presentation focuses on the application of a Detached Eddy Simulation code to study the mechanisms of mixing at shallow mixing layers including curvature and stratification effects.

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