Graduate Student & Post-Doc Seminar


Thursday, February 21, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Haller Hall, Geo Museum 102

Speaker: Taylor Jones

"Revamping the Sap Flow Sensor"

Abstract: Dynamics in the flow rate of sap in trees is a useful metric for those studying transpiration and carbon exchange. For decades, the standard methods for measuring sap flow involve the insertion of arrays of metal probes into the sapwood and observing how heat is advected along the stem. These sensors can work well, but they are prone to misalignment errors and are difficult and expensive to produce in mass quantities. A new design, which relies on the same basic principles but is packaged much differently, has the potential to make more accurate measurements, and make the measurement of sap flow cheaper and easier. I will be presenting this new design, along with our first season of measurements, which covers spring to fall of 2018, and shows great promise for the sensor.

GSPD comprises scientific talks up to one hour in length by graduate students and post docs, but all are welcome to attend, including faculty and staff. Lunch will be provided. As always, please plan to bring reusable plates and cutlery to reduce waste.