Administrative Staff

Gina Armstrong

Gina Armstrong

Financial Associate
Provides support and oversight for general financial transactions including purchases, reimbursements, coprorate and purchasing cards, etc.
Hoffman 406
p: (617) 496-1907
J Choi

Joanne Choi

Payroll Appointments Coordinator
Provides support for all staff and research appointments, visa and related issues, and payroll processing.
Hoffman Labs 405
p: 617-496-8436
Picture of Sarah Colgan

Sarah Colgan

Graduate Coordinator
Provides support and oversight for all issues related to the department's graduate studies program.
Hoffman 407
p: (617) 496-9770
Maryorie  Grande

Maryorie Grande

Administrative Coordinator
Provides general and broad administrative support for the main EPS office and oversight of event and building-related issues.
Hoffman 400
p: (617) 495-2351
Carolyn  Jones

Carolyn Jones

Senior Research Administration Specialist

Provides management and oversight of the all research grant activities with specific focus on pre-award activities including proposal preparation, approval, and submission.

Hoffman 403
p: (617) 384-7227
Paul Kelley

Paul Kelley

Laboratory Director
Provides overall direction and management of all administrative matters in the department.
Hoffman 401
p: (617) 495-3949
Chenoweth Moffatt

Chenoweth Moffatt

Academic Program Manager

Provides management of all academic administration in the department, including Preceptor support, with a specific focus on the undergraduate concentration. Also responsible for the production of the departmental newsletter.

Hoffman 402
p: (617) 384-9760