The Earth and Planetary Sciences field encompasses a broad range of science disciplines and applications to environmental and economic endeavors. EPS students at Harvard are involved in the development and application of new tools and technologies such as space probes and sophisticated instruments, as well as field work in remote and challenging settings. In an unparalleled research environment, Faculty and students are addressing fundamental questions about our world, from prehistoric geological processes to understanding weather patterns.

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Upcoming EPS colloquium

2020 Mar 02

Colloquium Series: "TESS Exoplanets and Beyond"

12:00pm to 1:00pm


Haller Hall (GM 102)

Speaker: Prof. Sara Seager (Massachussetts Institute of Technology)

Abstract: "NASA’s latest planet-finding mission TESS monitors the brightness of hundreds of thousands of stars per month, searching for drops in brightness that indicates an exoplanet transiting its host star. Computer algorithms detrend the data and flag threshold crossing events, followed by human or computer identification of planet candidates. A...

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