Land Acknowledgement

The Harvard University Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences is situated on the original and ancestral homelands of the Massachusett people, who still occupy this land. The people of the Massachusett tribe are the descendants of the original people that English Invaders first encountered during the colonization of what is now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory and honor, respect, and celebrate the many Indigenous peoples connected to this land and this community. As geoscientists, our scholarship and research is inextricably tied to Earth and Indigenous lands. We acknowledge and understand the history of the Indigenous lands where we live, work, conduct research, collect data, and gather, and celebrate, support, and credit Indigenous peoples in our scientific community - both at home and in the field - to dismantle colonialist structures now and in the future. 

Please learn about the Massachusett tribe & the Indigenous history of these lands here: