EPS Teaching Awards

December 7, 2020
As is our tradition in EPS, the winners of the 2019-20 EPS Teaching Award were announced at the EPS Holiday Party (remote by zoom this year). They are Sophie Coulson who won the award for her TF and Head TF positions in EPS 10, A Brief History of the Earth in the Spring 2020 term, Camille Hankel who won the award for her TF position in AM 120, Applied Linear Algebra and Big Data in the Spring 2020 term, and Hannah Nesser who won the award for her TF position in EPS 133, Atmospheric Chemistry in the Spring 2020 term.



The EPS Teaching Award is given annually to teaching fellows who exhibit excellence in teaching. Each recipient of this award receives a certificate, an engraved Estwing rock hammer, and $500. 


Special recognition:

We also specially recognized two previous EPS Teaching Award winners who again have done exceptionally well in their roles as TF (during the 2019-2020 academic year). Xiaoting Yang is recognized for her work in EPS 138, Mysteries of Climate Dynamics in the Fall 2019 term, and Tim Clements is recognized for his work in EPS 55, Earthquakes and Tectonics in the Spring 2020 term.

Please join me in congratulating all of these graduate students for their outstanding work during the previous academic year!

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