Accessory Collections

In addition to the sample collections, the EPS teaching collections also contain other educational aids as illustrated by the following:

Accessory Geological Collections

EPS Microscope Collection and Teaching Lab

The EPS Microscope Teaching Lab is located in room 314b.  For use in the lab room are 9 polarizing Olympus microscopes, one with photographing mount and computer screen.  In addition to the polarizing microscopes, the Microscope Collection also contains 4 stereomicroscopes for general use in the labs.

EPS Thin Section Collection

This collection consists of approximately 1800 thin sections of all rock types and minerals.  This collection is stored for use in the EPS Microscope Lab (room 314b).

EPS Map and Poster Collection

This collection consists of approximately 500 geological maps and posters.  Many of the most frequently used posters are mounted on the walls throughout rooms 312 and 314.  Another group of heavily used posters are Plexiglass fronted and mounted on wood backers for protection.  These are compatible with metal hangers distributed throughout rooms 312 and 314.  The bulk of the collection consists of loose sheets housed in the silver map storage shelving unit located at the side of room 312.

EPS Crystal Model Collection

This collection consists of wooden and ceramic crystal models representing idealized examples of crystal forms from each system (isometric, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic).  These models are located in drawers 170-180 in room 314d.

EPS Crystal Lattice Collection

This collection consists of over 100 display models distributed throughout rooms 312, 314, 314a, and 314d.  Many example mineral forms and systems are represented.

EPS Globe Collection

This collection consists of three magnetic Pangaea Continental Drift Globes, 2 Ocean Relief Globes, 3 Nation Relief Globes, 1 Physiographic Relief Globe, and 1 illuminated Orbiting Earth Globe.

EPS Structural Model Collection

This collection contains 7 Ward’s Groundwater Simulation System models, 2 Ward’s Fault Block Model sets (demonstrating normal, dip, oblique, reverse, slip, and strike faults), 1 Ward’s Faults, Fractures, and Dislocations model, and a 25 piece set of wooden fault models.  The Groundwater Simulation Systems are stored in room 314a.  All fault block models are stored in room 312.

General Collections

Educational Tools

The EPS Teaching Labs contain the following educational tools for use in lab classes:  2 still picture projectors, 1 slide projector, 1 laptop for use with 1 digital projector, 1 standard and 2 digital scales.  Laptop, digital projector, and digital scales are kept under lock and key and require permission for use.

General Testing Supplies

The EPS Science Center Collections contain a small sample of chemicals for general testing (such as dilute hydrochloric acid). Such chemicals and other testing supplies (such as beakers, graduated cylinders, and test tubes) are stored in room 314a.  All chemicals are stored under the laboratory hood in room 314a.  In compliance with safety regulations, the 314a lab room contains all required spill kits and the necessary satellite accumulation area.  All of these are located to the right of the laboratory hood.

General Safety Supplies

EPS Science Center lab rooms are equipped with general safety kits and fire extinguishers.  Additionally, room 314a contains an emergency eyewash station and box of goggles.