Geology Work Rooms

The EPS Geology Work Rooms are maintained by Kevin Czaja and are available for use by all members of the department. Safety training on the equipment that you intend to use is mandatory.  Please contact Kevin at or 617-495-3719 for more information.

Heavy Duty Slab Saw

This saw is designed for large sample cutting. Specifications: 24 inch diamond blade, 12 inch vise grip, 10 inch lateral feed, and a maximum sample height of 11 inches. The saw has an auto-feed mechanism that shuts off when cutting is complete. This saw is located in Rock Prep Room #2.

Large Rock Crusher

Used to pulverize rock samples for chemical and other analysis. The machine has recently been upgraded with new Tungsten Carbide plates. For safety, the crusher is enclosed in a wooden containment box. The crusher is located in the Geochronology room #1.


The trimmer is used for careful and controlled breaking of mineral and rock samples. This device is typically employed to reduce specimen size. Two trimmers (including a larger hydraulic model) are located in Geochronology Room #1.


Desiccation Unit

Located in the Geochronology Room #2, this unit is primarily used for the dehydration of soil samples.

Jaw Crusher

Like the large rock crusher, this jaw crusher is located in the Geochronology Room #1. It is designed for smaller and finer rock crushing.

Vibrating Flat Lap

The 20 inch diameter "Vibra-lap" allows unattended grinding and polishing of cut rock samples. Rock Prep Room #1 has three Flat Lap units (two 20 inch, and one 15 inch unit.)

Wilfley Table

Using specific gravity as the primary means, this sample preparation unit is used for mineral separation. The Wilfley Table is located in Geochronology Room #2.

Sand Blasting Unit

This unit uses propelled grains of micro-beads to abrade the surface of a rock or mineral sample. The Sand Blaster is located in the Geochronology Room #2.

Rock Cutting Saw

This saw is designed for smaller sample cutting. This saw uses 8 inch and 10 inch diamond blades. It is not intended for use with exceptionally hard rock samples. Two of these are located in Rock Prep Room #1.


There are two shelving units for sample storage located in Rock Prep Room #1.