Study and Research Areas

Earth and Planetary Sciences include a number of broad research disciplines. Incoming students normally have some idea of which of these research areas is of interest to them, and choose their courses accordingly in consultation with their adviser.

Prospective graduate students are welcome to browse the areas of research and contact individual faculty who share their research interests, or the EPS graduate coordinator, Aimee Smith, for additional details. The undergraduate background of students typically working with each faculty member are noted on each page. These typical majors are listed for guidance only, and students of all backgrounds are found in each of the research areas and groups. Note that many faculty appear in more than one research area, reflecting the lively interactions among research areas and faculty at EPS.

The research areas listed here do not necessarily reflect formal course requirements or a study program, but rather are meant to give prospective students an idea of the range of opportunities in the department. The suggested course lists are meant as a guideline only. Each graduate student normally builds an individual program of study that fits her/ his own needs and interests, following the course requirements described in the Graduate Student Handbook.