Ben Holtzman

Ben Holtzman

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Research Professor at Columbia University
Ben Holtzman
Ben Holtzman is a research professor at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, visiting the Mitrovica group. He did his Ph.D. (2003) in geophysics in David Kohlstedt's lab at the University of Minnesota. His research is a mixture of experimental and theoretical rock mechanics, seismology and geodynamics. Much of his work has focused on the coupling of melt migration and deformation and the influences of melt on the mechanical properties of rocks in the deep Earth. Currently, his research has two related fronts:
(1) Building computational tools for applying complex time dependent mechanical properties to the interpretation of seismic velocity, attenuation and geodetic measurements, towards constructing more detailed and self-consistent images of the thermal-mechanical structure of plate boundaries and the upper mantle. This work involves the development of new constitutive models for earth materials and applications to a range of settings, in collaboration with Harriet Lau and Jerry Mitrovica.
(2) Applying new machine learning methods to earthquake seismicity, with a focus on geothermal reservoirs, towards improving the efficiency of heat extraction. (

Another aspect of his work is developing visual and sonic representations of complex data, with a focus on what earthquakes and seismic data tell us about the internal workings of the Earth. (

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