Elizabeth Sibert

Elizabeth Sibert

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Knoll - Pierce - Lauder Groups
Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows
Elizabeth Sibert

Elizabeth is both a paleontologist and biological oceanographer. She is broadly interested in the evolution, structure, and function of ocean ecosystems. She uses a multi-proxy approach to study how the open ocean ecosystem has changed through time, with a focus on how it has responded to climate and biotic events in the past. Elizabeth works primarily with ichthyoliths, microfossil fish teeth and shark scales found in deep-sea sediments world wide, which preserve an unparalleled record of fish diversity, abundance, and community structure through geologic time. 

Elizabeth received her PhD in Oceanography in 2016 from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and her BS in Biology in 2011 from UC San Diego. She is a Junior Fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows, working jointly with Andy Knoll, Stephanie Pierce, and George Lauder, to establish ecological and taxonomic identities of these unique microfossils, and apply this to see how the fish community has evolved within the context of the climate and other parts of the ocean ecosystem throughout the past several hundred million years.

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