Affiliated Faculty

Frank Keutsch

Stonington Professor of Engineering and Atmospheric Science; Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Affiliated Faculty Member of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Area Chair for Environmental Science and Engineering
Research in the Keutsch group is aimed at improving our understanding of photochemical oxidation processes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that produce tropospheric ozone (O3) and are central to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. O3 and aerosol affect human health and climate, and uncertainties in the radiative effects of aerosol comprise the largest uncertainties in current estimates of anthropogenic forcing of climate. Our scientific approach builds on enabling new field observations of key VOC oxidation intermediates (OVOCs) via instrumentation and method development.

Laboratory Manager/Administrator: Lori Reck

CCB/Link Building 268
p: (617) 495-1878

Carl Wunsch

Visiting Professor of Physical Oceanography and Climate

Professor Wunch's area of expertise is physical oceanography and its relation to climate. His work is generally in the area relating global scale observations to theoretical and modeling ideas. Large scale state estimation and inverse methods are used to determine the ocean circulation and its properties and variability on time scales of millennia to hours.


Office location: Geological Museum 426
p: 617-496-2732