Erik Chan

Dissertation title: “Stability of Planetary Rotation”
Advisor: Jerry Mitrovica

Current Position: Research Associate GFZ-Postdam

Hilary Close

Dissertation title: "Size-related isotopic heterogeneity in lipids from the marine water column"
PhD Advisor: Ann Pearson

Phoebe Cohen

Dissertation title: "Investigations of Enigmatic Neoproterozoic Eukaryotes"
Advisor: Andrew Knoll

Current Position: Associate Professor of Geosciences at Williams College

Jessica Creveling

Dissertation title: "Sedimentology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics of the Cambrian Earth System"
Advisor: Andy Knoll

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Oregon State University 

John Crowley

Dissertation title: "On the Dynamics of Plate Tectonics: Multiple Solutions, the Influence of Water, and Thermal Evolution"
Advisor: Rick O'Connell

Daniel Cusworth

Dissertation title: “The influence of particulate matter and methane on regional air quality and climate in the United States and India”

Katherine Dagon

Dissertation title: “Exploring the Climate Impacts of Solar Geoengineering on Land-Atmosphere Interactions
Advisor: Daniel Schrag
Current position: Project Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Archana Dayalu

Dissertation title: "Exploring the Wide Net of Human Energy Systems: From Carbon Dioxide Emissions in China to Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Usage in the United States”
Advisor: Steve Wofsy
Current position: Staff Scientist I, Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc.

Nora DeDontney

Dissertation title: "Branch Faulting in Subduction and Strike-Slip Settings"
Advisor: James Rice

Current Position: Commercial Advisor ExxonMobil

Kate Dennis

Dissertation title: "Clumped Isotope Paleothermometry and its Application to Earth's History"
Advisor: Dan Schrag

Current Position: Director, Marketing & Sales Analytics at Guardant Health

Phoebe Robinson DeVries

Dissertation title: “Unified Viscoelastic Models of Earthquake Cycles
Advisor: Brendan Meade
Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Connecticut