Helen  Amos

Helen Amos

Dissertation title: “Toward an improved understanding of the global biogeochemical cycle of mercury”
Advisor: Daniel Jacob

Current Position: Senior Research Scientist at SSAI/NASA

Nathan Arnold

Nathan Arnold

Dissertation title: “Atmospheric Superrotation in Warm Earth Climates”
Advisor: Eli Tziperman

Current Position: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Global Modeling and Assimilation Office

Roderick Bovee

Dissertation title: "Lipidomic and Genomic Investigation of Mahoney Lake, B.C."
Advisor: Ann Pearson

Current Position: Senior Software Engineer at Google

Erik  Chan

Erik Chan

Dissertation title: “Stability of Planetary Rotation”
Advisor: Jerry Mitrovica

Current Position: Research Associate GFZ-Postdam

Marcos Longo

Dissertation title: “Amazon Forest Response to Changes in Rainfall Regime: Results from an Individual‐Based Dynamic Vegetation Model”
Advisor: Steve...

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Ji  Nie

Ji Nie

Dissertation title: "Probing the Dynamics of Shallow Cumulus Convection"
Advisor: Zhiming Kuang

Contact Position: Assistant Professor, Dept...

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Rita  Parai

Rita Parai

Dissertation title: “Volatiles in the Earth and Moon: Constraints on planetary formation and evolution”
Advisor: Sujoy Mukhopadhyay


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