Ethan Butler

Dissertation title: “American Maize: Climate Change, Adaptation, and Spatio-Temporal Variation in Temperature Sensitivity”
Advisor: Peter Huybers
Current position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota

Patrick Kim

Dissertation title: “Particulate matter and ozone: Remote sensing and source attribution"
Advisor: Daniel Jacob
Current position:Associate Partner at Transom Consulting Group

Karen McKinnon

Dissertation title: “Understanding and predicting temperature variability in the observational record”
Advisor: Peter Huybers
Current position: Asst. Professor, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Department of Statistics, UCLA

Scot Miller

Dissertation title: “Emissions of nitrous oxide and methane in North America”
Advisor: Steve Wofsy
Current position: Asst. Professor, Dept. of Environmental Health and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Sierra Petersen

Dissertation title: “Rapid climate change in the Cenozoic: Insights from geochemical proxies”
Advisor: Daniel Schrag
Current position: Asst. Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan

Maria Peto

Dissertation title: “Application of noble gas isotopic systems to identify mantle heterogeneities”
Advisors: Sujoy Mukhopadhyay and Stein Jacobsen

Current Positions: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Fellow

Justin Strauss

Dissertation title: “The Neoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic Tectonic and Environmental
Evolution of Alaska and Northwest Canada"
Advisor: Francis Macdonald
Current position: Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College

Stephen Turner

Dissertation title: “Constraining subduction zone processes through local, regional, and global chemical systematics”
Advisor: Charles Langmuir
Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Massachusetts Amherst