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Alexis Berg

Research Associate
McColl Group


Alexis Berg ( is a Research Associate in Prof. Kaighin McColl's group. He is an Earth System scientist whose research interests focus on land-climate interactions, land surface hydrology and global ecosystems. His research relies primarily on the analysis of climate model simulations and global observational datasets. On-going research focuses on understanding the coupled responses of the continental water cycle, land ecosystems and climate to greenhouse warming.

Alexis Berg obtained his PhD in 2011 from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris, France), working at the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL).


Shiliu Chen

Research Fellow
McColl Group
Shiliu Chen is a Ph.D candidate in Department of Hydraulic Engineering at Tsinghua University (where he obtained his undergraduate degree) and now a visiting student in McColl group. His research interests focus on the land-atmosphere interactions in the context of climate change. He aims to address the following questions: How terrestrial vegetation responses to climate change? And how these changes affect land surface hydrology? His research is primarily based on satellite products, ground observations and process-based models. Currently, he is working with Kaighin on evapotranspiration modeling and estimating.