Shaw Group

John Shaw

Harry C. Dudley Professor of Structural and Economic Geology
Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Vice Provost for Research at Harvard University

John H. Shaw joined the Harvard Faculty in 1997, and leads an active research program investigating structure of the Earth's crust. Prof. Shaw's program in Structural Geology & Tectonics emphasizes: 1) studies of active faults for earthquake hazards assessment; 2) three-dimensional structural and velocity modeling for strong ground motion prediction, and; 3) development of new technologies for petroleum exploration and production. These efforts involve the use of modern geologic and geophysical data, including 3D seismic reflection surveys and multispectral remote sensing imagery. Prof. Shaw leads the Structural Geology & Earth Resources Program at Harvard, an industry-academic consortium that provides data, software, and support for research.

Research Group Coordinator: Elizabeth Busky

20 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Office location - Geological Museum 215
p: (617) 495-8008, f: (617) 495-8839

Josimar Alves da Silva

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Shaw Group
I am interested in understanding the impact of anthropogenic activities on the seismic hazards that they might pose for infrastructure and loss of lives. There are a number of human related subsurface activities that might induce earthquakes, such as wastewater disposal, CO2 storage, oil and gas production and the impoundment of large reservoirs.

Benjamin Chauvin

Shaw Group

I work on mechanics-based structural restoration. Restoration consists in recovering paleo-geometries of geological structures through time. Restoration has many applications: knowledge of the paleo-structures, strain/stress quantification, determination of fracture areas, validation of structural interpretations, etc. Several methods have been being developed since the beginning of the previous century, first based on geometrical and kinematic assumptions, and more recently on geomechanical rules.

My work consists in developing a restoration software based on geomechanics and in applying it on geological case studies. The tool I am developing is RINGMecha ( The final aims are to determine the validity of this restoration method for geomechanical analysis, and to compare it to other restoration methods.