Felix Elling

Felix Elling

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Pearson Group
Felix Elling

Felix is a microbial biogeochemist studying the lipid "fingerprints" of archaea and bacteria ‒ microorganisms that control the cycling of elements such as carbon and nitrogen on our planet. His research focuses on reconciling microbiological lab experiments with geochemical observations from the modern ocean to improve the application of microbial lipids for the reconstruction of past environments.He received a B. Sc. (2009), M. Sc. (2012), and PhD (2015) from the University of Bremen, Germany. Felix joined Prof. Ann Pearson’s lab in January 2016, where he investigates the use of stable isotopes of archaeal lipids as tracers for changes in the oceanic carbon cycle in the past and modern ocean.

More details can be found on his website: http://scholar.harvard.edu/felixelling/research


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