Jordon Hemingway

Jordon Hemingway

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Johnston Group

I’m interested in connections between the geologic and biospheric carbon cycles. Specifically, my work aims to understand how processes occurring in river basins transfer carbon between these two cycles in order to regulate atmospheric CO2 concentrations over geologic timescales. To do so, I combine a suite of isotope geochemistry techniques (including compound-specific isotope measurements and novel reaction monitoring methods) with inverse models, satellite products, and geospatial analysis. My current projects include analysis of multi-year time-series samples from the Ganges-Brahmaputra and Congo Rivers, high-frequency samples from mountainous rivers in Taiwan, isotope analysis of bacteriohopanepolyols in continental shelf sediments, and development of the Ramped PyrOx radiocarbon instrument. I'm additionally working on reconstructing the mechanisms that control Cenozoic CO2 variability using inverse modeling methods.


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