Mark Hoggard

Mark Hoggard

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Mitrovica Group

I am interested in understanding the impacts of mantle convection on geological processes at the Earth’s surface. Hot, upwelling plumes and cold, sinking slabs deflect both the gravity field and surface topography. This transient vertical motion is known as dynamic topography, which has typical amplitudes of ±1 km, varies laterally on 1,000 km lengthscales, and evolves over million year timescales.

Dynamic topography is therefore highly relevant to a diverse field of geologists. Ongoing research has so far explored important links to the formation of mountains and seaways, the morphology of river networks and sedimentary depocentres, and the generation and maturation of hydrocarbon and mineral deposits. These transient vertical motions also impact the pattern of oceanic circulation, the stability of ice sheets and evolution of the Earth’s climate.

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