Ian Eisenman

Dissertation title: "Abrupt climate change: North Atlantic volatility during the last ice age and modern Arctic sea ice retreat"
Advisor: Eli Tziperman

Current Position: Associate Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

May Fu

Dissertation title: "Volatile Organic Compounds: emissions as constrained by satellite observations and global production of secondary organic aerosols"
Advisor: Daniel Jacob

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Peking University

Mike Ranen

Dissertation title: "Solar Nebula Evolution and Planetary Differentiation: An Isotopic Perspective"
Advisor: Stein Jacobsen

Current Position: Associate Dean of Student Affairs at Bowdoin College

Noelle Eckley Selin

Dissertation title: "Mercury in the Global Atmosphere: Chemistry, deposition, and land-atmosphere interactions"
Advisor: Daniel Jacob

Current Position: Associate Professor and Director, Technology and Policy Program at MIT

Diana Valencia

Dissertation title: "Internal Structure and Thermal State of Super-Earths"
Advisor: Richard O'Connell

Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Toronto