Joe Bernstein

Dissertation title: "Dynamics of Turbulent Jets in the Atmosphere and Ocean"
Advisor: Brian Farrell

Current Position: Quantitative Trader at Tower Research Capital

Charles Brankman

Dissertation title: "Three-Dimensional Structure of the Western Los Angeles and Ventura Basins, and Implications for Regional Earthquake Hazards"
Advisor: John Shaw

Current Position: Director of Instructional Programs at IHRDC

John Higgins

Dissertation title: "Magnesium Isotopes: Implications for Changes in the Chemical Composition of Seawater"
Advisor: Daniel Schrag

Current Position: Associate Professor at Princeton University

Kurt Zenz House

Dissertation title: "On the Physics and Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Terrestrial and Marine Environments"
Advisor: Daniel Schrag

Current Position: Co-Founder at KoBold Metals; Adjunct Professor at Stanford University

Karin Louzada

Dissertation title: "The Effects of Impact Cratering on Planetary Crustal Magnetism"
Advisor: Sarah Stewart-Mukhopadhyay

Current Position: Senior Advisor for Innovation, Technology and Science at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, CA

Laurel Senft

Dissertation title: "The Effect of Target Properties on Impact Crater Formation"
Advisor: Sarah Stewart-Mukhopadhyay

Current Position: Instructor at Westchester Community College

Victor Tsai

Dissertation title: "The Use of Simple Physical Models in Seismology and Glaciology"
Advisor: James Rice

Current Position: Associate Professor at Brown University

Jon Wilson

Dissertation title: "Reconstructing the Physiology of Extinct Plants"
Advisor: Andrew Knoll

Current Position: Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies, Haverford University

Laure Zanna

Dissertation title: "Predictability and variability of the Atlantic ocean circulation"
Advisor: Eli Tziperman

Current Position: Professor of Atmosphere/Ocean Science at New York University, Courant Institute