Samuel Pearce

Samuel Pearce

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Perez-Mercader Lab, Rowland Institute
Samuel Pearce

Dr. Samuel Pearce is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Perez-Mercader group. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Bristol, UK in February 2019 under the supervision of Professor Ian Manners. His graduate studies focused on the synthesis of uniform 1D and 2D block copolymer nanostructures using solution-based self-assembly protocols. He then moved to Harvard University in November 2019. Samuel’s research interests broadly encompass innovative synthetic approaches involving materials chemistry and self-assembly, with a view for their application in fields such as nanoscience and origins of life research. His current research focuses on the development of adaptive polymerization-induced self-assembly systems, with the aim to construct artificial cell-like structures capable of responding spontaneously to changes in their environment.

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