Todd Mooring

Todd Mooring

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Linz Group
Todd Mooring

I am a postdoctoral scholar interested in a wide range of subjects mainly related to large-scale atmospheric dynamics. My current primary project is a study of the dynamics of quasi-resonant Rossby waves, a proposed mechanism for certain kinds of extreme weather events. I have also been involved in work on weather effects (or lack thereof) on the COVID-19 pandemic and associated human behavior.

In my previous postdoc at the University of Chicago, I investigated whether the response of terrestrial transient eddies (basically the large-scale traveling storm systems) to global warming-like sea surface temperature changes can be understood as a diffusive process. Before that, I did a Ph.D. at Princeton about transient eddies in the atmosphere of Mars.

A list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar. Feel free to email me if you are curious about or interested in collaborating on any of these topics (or anything else relevantly similar).

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