Undergraduate Forms

Concentration and Plan of Study Forms

EPS Plan of Study Worksheet

EPS Joint Plan of Study Worksheet

EPS Secondary Field Declaration/Application Form

Research-Related Forms

Senior Thesis:

EPS 99 Senior Thesis Registration Form

EPS 99 Senior Thesis Description Form

EPS 99 Senior Thesis Timeline Worksheet

EPS 99 Senior Thesis Mid-Year Progress Report Form

Supervised Research and Reading Course:

EPS 91 Registration Form

Funding requests:

EPS Research Funding Request (Fall or Spring)

EPS Research Funding Request (Summer 2020)

Generic Summer Request Budget

Field Trip Forms

These forms vary by trip and will be distributed to field trip participants by the EPS field trip coordinator, Danielle da Cruz. Typical field trip forms request information about emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions, and dietary restrictions.