EPS-ESE Community DIB Events

Below you can find a list of comunity-wide events hosted by the DIB Council, the Workshops, Resources, and Colloquia subgroup, or the Department Chair, to address issues surrounding Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging within our community and the broader Geoscience field. Included are upcoming events and previous ones, along with any articles, discussed, recordings of the event, or summaries. Please reach out to the Workshops, Resources, and Colloquia subgroup if you have suggestions for topics to be discussed.

EPS-ESE DIB Colloquium Special Lecture - 4/19/22 - From Mining Reclamation to Data Mining: Using Indigenous Data Governance to Advance Open Science - Dr. Lydia Jennings, Postdoctoral Researcher in Community, Environment and Policy; Indigenous Data; Sovereignty Fellow, The University of Arizona. Abstract; Talk Recording

EPS-ESE DIB Colloquium Special Lecture - 2/16/22 - Creating a Gender Inclusive Learning Environment for Trans and Non-Binary Students - Julián Cancino, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center at Brandeis University. Abstract; Talk Slides

EPS-ESE Community Retreat - 4/29/21 - follow up discussion on EPS-ESE Climate Survey results (slides with resources; breakout room notes; graduate student response)

EPS Colloquium Special Lecture - 4/26/21 - Diversity Isn’t just the Right Thing to Do; Diversity Helps Us Get the Right Answers - Dr. Naomi Oreskes, Henry Charles Lea Professor of the History of Science, Harvard University. Abstract; Talk Recording

EPS Colloquium Special Lecture - 2/22/21 - Creating Inclusive Communities of Learning in the Classroom and Beyond - Dr. Anita Stone Marshall, Lecturer, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville. Abstract; Talk Recording

EPS Colloquium Special Lecture - 2/8/21 - Implicit bias: Can it be changed over the long-term? - Tessa Charlesworth, Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology, Harvard University. Abstract; Talk Recording 

EPS Climate Survey Results - 12/7/20 - Discussion of EPS-ESE Climate Survey results - moderated by Benita Wolff, Equity and Inclusion Fellow

Special Lecture - 11/16/20 - "Let's Talk IDEA in Science" - Christina Richey, Program Manager of the Solar System Exploration Science Research and Analysis Office, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. AbstractTalk Recording

Anti-Racism Town Hall - 6/24/20 - slides, resources.

Shut Down STEM Town Hall - 6/10/20 - summary and recommendations.