Lab Assistant - Langmuir Lab


Position Description:  Professor Charles Langmuir's research focuses on the solid earth geochemical cycle. Members of the Langmuir lab are currently involved in petrologic investigation of the lavas erupted along the Gakkel ridge, Arctic Ocean.  Professor Langmuir is looking for a laboratory assistant to work with the lab manager on prepping samples and sample digestion for ICP-MS analysis.

·  Required or preferred skills:  Previous lab work related to geology or geochemistry preferred.

·  10-15 hours/week beginning June 5, 2017

Research Assistant - Jacob Group

  • Position Description: The Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group headed by Daniel Jacob welcomes applications for undergraduate research assistantships. Our work focuses on understanding the chemical composition of the atmosphere, its perturbation by human activity, and the implications for climate change and life on Earth. We conduct global modeling of atmospheric chemistry and climate, aircraft measurement campaigns, satellite data retrievals, and analyses of atmospheric observations.