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Ding Ma

Post-doctoral Fellow
Kuang Group


Ding Ma received his Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University. Advised by Prof.ZhimingKuang, his dissertation research investigated three dominant patterns of large-scale atmospheric variability, namely the South Asian monsoon, Madden-Julian Oscillation and the annular mode.Beforemoving back to Harvard, he was an Earth Institute Fellow at Columbia University, where he was working with Prof. Adam Sobel to explore extreme weather associated with large-scale variability. His work emphasizes a combination of observational analysis andnumerical modeling. Guided by observations, numerical experiments are designed and conducted to pursue a better theoretical understanding of the large-scale atmospheric variability in the past, present and future. The main goal of his work is to identify essentialphysical mechanisms governing the large-scale circulation variability.... Read more about Ding Ma

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Giuseppe Torri

Giuseppe Torri

Associate of the Department

Giuseppe Torri is interested in Atmospheric and Climate Dynamics. His research focuses primarily on deep convection using the combination of Large Eddy Simulations/Cloud Resolving Models and a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model to obtain a process-level understanding of the fundamental dynamics of such systems. Currently, he is working on applying the techniques he developed so far to the study of supercell storms, with the hope of improving forecasting skills. He is also interested in topics related to the interaction between the land surface and the atmosphere, aiming to answer important questions about long-term impacts of land use on climate at the regional and global scale.


Lei Wang

Post Doctoral Fellow
Kuang Group

I study theoretical aspects of atmospheric dynamics. My research aims to improve our understanding of the wide variety of scales in the atmosphere to bridge the weather-climate gap, especially the role of moist convection on high-impact extreme weather and climate events.

I have recently obtained a Ph.D. from The University of Chicago. My dissertation research is focused on the fundamental dynamics of a 20-30 day periodic behavior in the storm tracks – a newly identified climatic driver and early warning of extremes.