Mitrovica Group

Jerry Mitrovica

Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science

Jerry X. Mitrovica joined Harvard in 2009 as a Professor of Geophysics.His work focuses on the Earth's response to external and internal forcings that have time scales ranging from seconds to billions of years. He has written extensively on topics ranging from the connection of mantle convective flow to the geological record, the rotational stability of the Earth and other terrestrial planets, ice age geodynamics, and the geodetic and geophysical signatures of ice sheet melting in our progressively warming world. Sea-level change has served as the major theme of these studies, with particular emphasis on critical events in ice age climate and on the sea-level fingerprints of modern polar ice sheet collapse.

Mitrovica is the Frank B. Baird, Jr., Professor of Science at Harvard University. He is a former Director of the Earth Systems Evolution Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and J. Tuzo Wilson Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto, where he also received his Ph.D. degree. He is the recipient of the Arthur L. Day Medal from the Geological Society of America, the W.S Jardetsky Medal from Columbia University, the A.E.H. Love Medal from the European Geosciences Union and the Rutherford Memorial Medal from the Royal Society of Canada. He is also a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and the Geological Society of America, as well as a past Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

Research Group Coordinator: Marisa Reilly

Office location: Geological Museum 203B
Mailing address: EPS, 20 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-2732, f: 617-495-8839

Mark Hoggard

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Mitrovica Group

I work jointly between Harvard and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University in the field of observational geodynamics. My research encompasses problems related to the structure, deformation, and flow of Earth's mantle. Geological processes include mantle convection, glacial isostatic adjustment, and lithospheric deformation, and I use tools including seismology, landscape evolution, geochemistry, sediment stratigraphy, and the elevation of sea-level markers. Recently, my work has been focusing on building models of 3D Earth structure for sea-level modelling and investigating the genesis of sediment-hosted metal deposits in sedimentary basins surrounding thick lithosphere. For more info, please check out my personal website.

Geological Museum 203C