"Tricky situations" in teaching


Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 5:00pm to 6:00pm

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Faculty Lounge

Please join us for a workshop that Prof. John Shaw will be leading to discuss how you may address "tricky situations" that you may encounter while teaching or serving as an educator at Harvard.hese tricky situations include cheating or other Honor Code violations, students crossing boundaries, interpersonal relationship issues, student behavioral problems, and many more. Although the targeted audience is anyone that teach, will teach, or are interested in teaching at Harvard at some point (i.e. grad students, faculty, instructors, post-docs, etc.), all are welcomed to attend. John will introduce the topic, talk about his experiences while serving on the Administrative Board (ad-board), and entertain questions you may have. Below are the details of the workshop.

We do plan on providing pizza, so in order to make appropriate accommodations we are asking you to please take a few seconds to RSVP on this anonymous form. You'll just need to click on the form and select 'yes' if you plan on attending.