Geobiology and Earth History

Harvard hosts an energetic community of researchers targeting Earth's greatest biological and geochemical mysteries. Topics of current interest are ever-changing, however recent work includes better understanding the oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere and oceans, the mechanisms behind major climatic events (from Snowball Earths through Cenozoic perturbations to modern climate change), to the radiation of animals and Phanerozoic mass extinctions.  Much of this work is partnered with a suite of vibrant interdisciplinary centers across campus, including the Harvard University Center for the Environment, the Origins of Life Initiative, and the Microbial Sciences Initiative

The Geobiology/Paleobiology community at Harvard meets often to discuss recent papers published in the field and to host seminars from invited guests.  For those in the greater Boston area, please email D. Johnston for details about how to join our community.  These activities are sponsored by EPS and OEB, and the NASA NAI Harvard - MIT team.