Microscope Lab

The EPS Microscope Lab located in Science Center lab room 314b features 8 high-powered Oympus BH-2 polarizing microscopes, one of which is fitted with a camera that can project images on a widescreen monitor via a laptop hookup. Additionally the room houses a large thin section collection and interpretive signage to assist with teaching the microscopic identification of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks as well as specific individual minerals. Lastly, the room contains a tall double-tiered cabinet where permanent lab sets can be assembled and stored, as well as lockable mounted wall cabinets for other potential organization and storage needs.

If you would like to use the microscope lab please contact EPS Preceptor, Annika Quick at annikaquick@fas.harvard.edu or the main EPS office at 617-495-2351.