Earth-sized planets around Trappist-1

February 24, 2017

The discovery of Earth-sized planets around Trappist-1 has been making waves, and we’re proud to say that the interior structures of those seven newly discovered planets were calculated based on the model developed here at EPS by the Jacobsen group. Attached is the paper from Nature that cites their work; specifically, figure 2 is plotted based on the composition model developed by Professor Stein Jacobsen, Professor Dimitar Sasselov of the Center for Astrophysics, and Dr. Li Zeng, Simons Foundation postdoc. They would like to thank the entire EPS community for their support, as well as the Simons Foundation and Harvard Origins of Life Initiative.


MIT is hosting an event Friday 2/24 at 4:15 pm discussing the latest findings at the Green Building Lecture Hall, Level LL. For more information, check their events page here. If you can’t make it in person, the live webcast can be watched at



Some further information for those interested:


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