Post-Doctoral Fellows

Josimar Alves da Silva

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Shaw Group
I am interested in understanding the impact of anthropogenic activities on the seismic hazards that they might pose for infrastructure and loss of lives. There are a number of human related subsurface activities that might induce earthquakes, such as wastewater disposal, CO2 storage, oil and gas production and the impoundment of large reservoirs.

Louis Rivoire

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Linz Group

Louis Rivoire focuses on convective processes in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS), on meteorological to climatological scales. By nature, the UTLS is subject to both tropospheric and stratospheric influences, which result in complex interactions between dynamical, chemical, and radiative processes. Dr. Rivoire seeks to better understand these processes as they relate to atmospheric phenomena with large human impacts, from storms to global warming.