Immigration-related Travel Restrictions

February 22, 2017

Many members of the EPS community, and the University commuity more broadly, have epxressed concerns related to the unique effect that recent federal travel restictions may have on our international scholars.  In response, we have created the web page below to serve as an expession of our concerns, provide links to University resources, and to keep our community informed as to developments on this issue.  As always, we welcome your feedback.

Save the Date - EPS Spring BBQ

April 5, 2017


This year we will be celebrating EPS Day and having our annual EPS BBQ on Cinco de Mayo: Friday, May 5 at 3pm. We will start at 3pm with grad student talks, then move outside for the BBQ at 4pm, which will include a margarita bar and liquid nitrogen ice cream! At 6pm, we will move back indoors for powerpoint karaoke and other activities. 

Please let us know if you would be interested in signing up for a grad student talk or powerpoint karaoke. We're also looking for volunteers to help with event set-up, some food prep, and event clean-up. 

NSF Fellowship winners in EPS!

March 29, 2017


Congratulations to current EPS graduate student Judy Pu and incoming G1 Tina Liu who were both awarded 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships!


Zach Adam

Zachary Adam awarded ASU 2017 Origins Project Post-doctoral Lectureship

March 20, 2017

Please join us in congratulating Zach Adam as this year's recipient of the ASU Origins Project Post-doctoral Lectureship Award.  Quoting from the ASU web site, this award is the "largest of its kind in the world, is offered to promising young scholar-scientists on the basis of their scholarly achievement and potential, as well as their skills in science communication.

Origins of Life and the Work of Juan Perez-Mercader's Group

March 1, 2017

Please follow the link below to an intersting article in Chemical World about the earliest phases of life featuring the work of Juan Perez-Mercader's group at the Rowland Institute.  Juan is a Senior Research Fellow and Principal Investigator on a multi-year project focused on synthetic biology and the origins of life.  The second link is to a recent and related publication in Nature.  Fascinating work!

Earth-sized planets around Trappist-1

February 24, 2017

The discovery of Earth-sized planets around Trappist-1 has been making waves, and we’re proud to say that the interior structures of those seven newly discovered planets were calculated based on the model developed here at EPS by the Jacobsen group. Attached is the paper from Nature that cites their work; specifically, figure 2 is plotted based on the composition model developed by Professor Stein Jacobsen, Professor Dimitar Sasselov of the Center for Astrophysics, and Dr. Li Zeng, Simons Foundation postdoc.