Origins of Life and the Work of Juan Perez-Mercader's Group

March 1, 2017

Please follow the link below to an intersting article in Chemical World about the earliest phases of life featuring the work of Juan Perez-Mercader's group at the Rowland Institute.  Juan is a Senior Research Fellow and Principal Investigator on a multi-year project focused on synthetic biology and the origins of life.  The second link is to a recent and related publication in Nature.  Fascinating work!

Earth-sized planets around Trappist-1

February 24, 2017

The discovery of Earth-sized planets around Trappist-1 has been making waves, and we’re proud to say that the interior structures of those seven newly discovered planets were calculated based on the model developed here at EPS by the Jacobsen group. Attached is the paper from Nature that cites their work; specifically, figure 2 is plotted based on the composition model developed by Professor Stein Jacobsen, Professor Dimitar Sasselov of the Center for Astrophysics, and Dr. Li Zeng, Simons Foundation postdoc.

EPS Shaler Teaching Award Winners!

December 9, 2016


We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2015-16 Shaler Teaching Award: Yanpeng Sun who was a TF for EPS 171 Structural Geology & Tectonics in Fall 2015 and Will Steinhardt who was a TF for ES 123 Intro to Fluid Mechanics Spring 2016.  The Shaler Teaching Award is given annually to teaching fellows who exhibit excellence in teaching. Each recipient of this award receives an "Outstanding EPS Teaching Fellow" certificate, an engraved Estwing rock hammer, and $500. Great work Yanpeng and Will!


Giza Pyramids in the Visualization Lab

Giza Pyramids in the Visualization Lab

October 6, 2016

Please follow this link to a video that features the innovative work being done in the EPS Visualization Lab to teach students about the Egyptology and the Giza pyramids.  A wonderful example of the evolving role that visualization is playing in education and research exrtending well beyond Earth and planetary science.