Spring Term 2015

*Location Key: Cruft=19a Oxford St.; GM=Geological Museum, 24 Oxford St.; Hoff=Hoffman Lab, 20 Oxford St.; MCZ=26 Oxford St.; Northwest Labs=52 Oxford St.; Pierce=29 Oxford St.; SC=Science Center, 1 Oxford St.

Course # Title Instructor Day & Time Location*
EPS 22 The Fluid Earth: Oceans, Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Huybers and Pearson TuTh 10-11:30 + 3hr lab GM 102
EPS 51 Introduction to Planetary Materials and Earth Resources Jacobsen MW 11-12 + lab F 1-3 Hoff 129
EPS 56 Geobiology and the History of Life Johnston and Knoll MWF 10-11 + 3hr lab GM 102
EPS 74r Field Experiences in Earth and Planetary Sciences Macdonald TBA GM 204
EPS 132 Introduction to Meteorology and Climate Farrell TuTh 10-11:30 GM 418
EPS 133 Atmospheric Chemistry Wofsy TuTh 11:30-1 GM 105
EPS 182 Stratigraphy & Sedimentology Macdonald TuTh 8:30-10 + 2hr lab GM 204
EPS 187 Low Temperature Geochemistry II: Modern & ancient biogeochemical processes Pearson Tu 2:30-5:30 Hoff 129
EPS 231 Climate Dynamics Tziperman MTh 2:30-4 GM 418
EPS 241r Isotope Geochemistry and Processes of Planetary Evolution Jacobsen Tu 2-4 GM 204
EPS 266r Computational Tools in Seismology Ishii TBA GM 103b & 103c
EPS 270r Advanced Structural Interpretation Methods Shaw WF 9-11:30 GM 204
EPS 274r Field Geology Macdonald TBA GM 204
EPS 281r Great Papers in Earth Sciences Huybers and Tziperman W 3-5 GM 413
General Education courses taught by EPS Faculty
SPU 31 Energy Resources and the Environment Shaw MW 1-2:30 Haller Hall (GM 102)

Fall 2014 EPS Courses