Spring Term 2015

*Location Key: Cruft=19a Oxford St.; GM=Geological Museum, 24 Oxford St.; Hoff=Hoffman Lab, 20 Oxford St.; MCZ=26 Oxford St.; Northwest Labs=52 Oxford St.; Pierce=29 Oxford St.; SC=Science Center, 1 Oxford St.

Course # Title Instructor Day & Time Location*
EPS 22 The Fluid Earth: Oceans, Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Huybers and Pearson TuTh 10-11:30 + 3hr lab TBA
EPS 51 Introduction to Planetary Materials and Earth Resources Jacobsen MW 11-12 + lab F 1-3 TBA
EPS 56 Geobiology and the History of Life Johnston and Knoll MWF 10-11 + 3hr lab TBA
EPS 74r Field Experiences in Earth and Planetary Sciences Macdonald TBA TBA
EPS 132 Introduction to Meteorology and Climate Farrell TuTh 10-11:30 TBA
EPS 133 Atmospheric Chemistry Wofsy TuTh 11:30-1 TBA
EPS 161 Planetary Physics and Global Tectonics O'Connell TuTh 2:30-4 TBA
EPS 182 Stratigraphy & Sedimentology Macdonald TuTh 8:30-10 + 2hr lab TBA
EPS 187 Low Temperature Geochemistry II: Modern & ancient biogeochemical processes Pearson TuTh 2:30-4 TBA
EPS 201 Physics of the Earth's Interior O'Connell WF 2:30-4 TBA
EPS 231 Climate Dynamics Tziperman MTh 2:30-4 TBA
EPS 241r Isotope Geochemistry and Processes of Planetary Evolution Jacobsen TBA TBA
EPS 266r Computational Tools in Seismology Ishii TBA TBA
EPS 270r Advanced Structural Interpretation Methods Shaw TBA TBA
EPS 274r Field Geology Macdonald TBA TBA
EPS 281r Great Papers in Earth Sciences Huybers and Tziperman W 3-5 TBA
General Education courses taught by EPS Faculty
SPU 31 Energy Resources and the Environment Shaw MW 1-2:30 TBA

Fall 2014 EPS Courses