Immigration Related Resources

The Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences holds central the value of its diverse, international community of students, scholars, and staff. Recent immigration actions have negatively impacted several members of our department, and posed a broader threat to our community. University leadership has made clear its opposition to these actions, and provided information and resources to assist those who are impacted or concerned. The Department fully supports this stance and will continue to reach out to members of our community who are impacted and offer our assistance. We will continue to support the University’s position and encourage members of our community to help identify tangible ways that we can help our colleagues who are impacted by travel restrictions or other immigration concerns.

In a time when others may wish to divide, it is important that those of us who share common values of diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance stand together.  EPS strives to accomplish this through its actions, which are reflected in its outstanding international community of students, scholars, and staff, who gain knowledge and address pressing societal concerns based on understanding of natural systems that operate without regard for political boundaries.   

We encourage any member of our community who has concerns, questions, or recommendations about international travel or immigration issues more generally to reach out to any of the EPS staff members below.  Rest assured that these conversations will be treated confidentially.

Helpful University Links

Note: The Harvard Gazzette article of 3/15/17 contained the following information:

The University also has identified six law firms and legal aid organizations that are prepared to offer assistance to members of the Harvard community if they are denied reentry or are otherwise held up at the border. This resource can be accessed through the International Office and Global Support Services. [Links to these offices are below.]

Harvard International Office Supreme Court ruling email of 6/27/17

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program Flyer

HIO 24 Hour Travel Assistance (857-302-3772)

Harvard International Office

Global Support Services Office

Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs

Harvard Law School Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program

Statement from President Faust

Statement from GSAS

Updates in the News

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