Spring Term 2021

Course # Title Instructor Day & Time
EPS 6 Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering (course poster) Sunderland & Wofsy

TuTh 10:30-11:45

EPS 55 Earthquakes and Tectonics (course poster) Meade & James Tu 12-2:45
EPS 56 Geobiology and the History of Life (course poster) (course intro video) Johnston & Knoll MW 10:30-11:45 + 2-3hr lab
EPS 101 Global Warming Science 101 (course poster)



W 3-5:45

EPS 102

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (course poster)

Wofsy & Fu

WF 1:30-2:45

EPS 109 Earth Resources and the Environment (course poster) Shaw & Quick TuTh 9-10:15 + 3hr lab
EPS 112 Thermodynamics by Case Study Martin MW 12-12:50
EPS 133 Atmospheric Chemistry Jacob TuTh 12-1:15
EPS 139  Paloclimate as Prologue (course poster) Huybers

M 3-5:45

EPS 140 Geochemical and Cosmochemical Thermodynamics  Jacobsen

TuTh 3-4:15

EPS 150 Exceptional Paleobiological Insights into Animal Evolution (course poster Ortega-Hernández MW 12-1:15

EPS 169

Seminar on Global Pollution  Sunderland TuTh 1:30-2:45
EPS 230 Paloclimate as Prologue Huybers M 3-5:45
EPS 231 Climate Dynamics Tziperman TuTh 10:30-11:45
EPS 235 Stochastic Methods in Climate Dynamics Farrell TBD
EPS 241 Isotope Geochemistry and Processes of Planetary Evolution (course poster) Jacobsen M 3-5:45
EPS 243 Geochemical and Cosmochemical Thermodynamics (course poster) Jacobsen TuTh 3-4:45
EPS 244 Atmospheric Evolution and Habitability of Terrestrial Planets (course poster) Wordsworth 

MW 10:30-11:45
*Schedule is flexible

EPS 248 Topics in Mineral Physics and Chemistry: Mineralogy of Planetary Interiors (course poster) Fischer M 11:30-1:30


EPS 258b Planetary Dynamics: Magnetics Fields Bloxham W 3-5:45
EPS 272 Topics in Structural Geology and Earthquake Science Shaw TBD
EPS 299 Communication Skills of Academia (course poster) Pearson Tu 12-2:45
General Education courses taught by EPS Faculty
GENED 1137 The Challenge of Human Induced Climate Change: Transitioning to a Post Fossil Fuel (course poster) McElroy TuTh 12-1:15 + 1hr section
GENED 1158 Water and the Environment (course poster) McColl MW 3-4:15 + 1hr section

EPS students may also be interested in courses taught through Environmental Science & Public Policy, which may be found here:                                                                                                                                                                   

EPS Course Posters, Spring 2021

EPS/ESE 6                                                                                                                                                               

EPS 55

EPS 56


EPS/ESE 102Data Analysis and Statistical Inference in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

EPS 109

EPS 139

EPS 150

EPS 241

EPS 243

EPS 244

EPS 248

EPS 299: Communication Skills of Academia

GENED 1137

GENED 1158

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