Drabon Group

Nadja Drabon

Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
My research focuses on the habitability of the early Earth and how it was affected by crustal processes and changing surface environments. The study of the early Earth requires a clear understanding of present-day sedimentary processes as well as an appreciation of the non-uniformitarian character of the early Earth. My research integrates multidisciplinary approaches by applying stratigraphic, provenance and geochemical analyses paired with detailed knowledge of complex geology at outcrop- to basin-scale. Specifically, my contributions to the field focus on: (1) Furthering our understanding of the formation of crust during the Hadean and Archean, (2) evaluating processes of early life recorded in the rock record and studying the influence of impact-related environmental perturbations on the biosphere, and (3) characterizing the poorly understood tectonic processes in the Archean.
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