Teaching Lab and Collections

The EPS Teaching Labs and EPS Teaching Collections are located in rooms 312, 314, 314a, 314b, and 314d of the Harvard Science Center. These rooms may be reserved by professors and teaching fellows for lab sections of EPS or allied Gen Ed courses.

The EPS Teaching Collections consist of thousands of rock, mineral, and fossil samples as well as teaching accessories such as testing supplies, geological maps, globes, crystal models, and geological processes models. In addition to the general lab rooms, the Science Center labs also contain a Microscope Lab and collection consisting of polarizing and binocular microscopes as well as numerous thin section samples.

EPS Science Center Collections Management

For safety, security, and curatorial reasons, much of the EPS Collections are locked up and monitored.  For professors, teaching fellows, or any other authorized personnel who would like access to any part of the collection, but do not have the appropriate keys, please contact Kevin Czaja (kczaja@fas, 6-2529) for assistance.

Permanent Lab Collections for Classes

The EPS Permanent Lab Collections consist of rocks, minerals, and fossils assembled for classes that regularly schedule sections in the Harvard Science Center.  Specimens in these collections are strictly for use in the lab classes for which they were created.