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American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

AGU poster hall 2018


Candice Chen reflection on attending AGU: I attended the AGU Fall Meeting to present my research that I conducted this past summer. Presenting my poster was a great chance to improve how I communicate science, and I got to meet various people who do similar work in the paleoceanography community. Through comparing our results and discussing the applications and limitations of the proxy we use, I gained a lot of perspective that will help me as I write this project into a paper. Attending other sessions was a wonderful way to both deepen and broaden my understanding of different areas of geoscience—these made me excited about directions I may want to take in future research. It's also inspiring to hear people discuss what they’re passionate about as they present their science. AGU was such a valuable experience for me, and I’m confident that what I learned and saw there will inform my future directions.



Maya V Chung: OS43C-2094 Quantifying Isopycnal Heave Using Dynamic Depth Warping

Rebecca Cleveland Stout: PP13C-1350 ­­­Leveraging Preservation Bias in Last Interglacial Coral Sea-Level Records to Refine Global Ice Volumes Over the Ice Age

Thomas Andrew Lee: V43J-0300 Temporal Velocity Changes on the East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Concurrent with the Volcanic Activity of 2018 Interpreted from Changes in Single-Station Correlation Functions

Margaret Powell: B31F-2547 Integration of Ground-based and Airborne Measurements Shows Substantial Methane Emissions from Freshwater Ecosystems in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska

Molly Michael Wieringa: GC51K-0928 Identifying and Characterizing Trends in Precipitation Patterns and Related Climatic Influences across Equatorial Africa


Vladislav Sevostianov: C41A-0355 Time Dependent Frictional Changes in Ice due to Contact Area Changes